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Ammonia plant in Puertollano
Syngas compressor train


The Fertiberia ammonia plant in the Puertollano industrial complex (Ciudad Real – Spain) was commissioned in 1970 and renovated in 1989 and 2016 to reduce energy consumption. Ammonia production capacity is 600 metric ton per day.

The syngas from the ammonia plant is compressed from 25 bar to 250 bar using two compressor trains, each composed of a reciprocating compressor driven by a steam turbine. The two-stage turbines use steam superheated to 80 bar and 500º C. After various changes and adjustments of the ammonia process in the plant, the efficiency of the compressors and turbines was considerably increased.

Revamping ammonia plants

Fertiberia contracted IDOM to replace the two compressor trains installed in the ammonia plant with a new synthesis gas and recycle gas compressor train (reciprocating compressor and steam turbine) and all its auxiliaries. The main objective was to improve the efficiency of the entire compressor group. The new compressor train and all its auxiliary systems will be located in a newly constructed building.

The scope of the services provided by IDOM includes carrying out the FEED Engineering of the project for the installation of the new compressor train, including the construction of the building where it will be located.


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