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With an ever-growing world population, the use of fertilizers has become essential to supply the world's demand for crops and food. However, the environmental impact of traditional production processes calls for modernization. Thanks to new technological advances, the fertilizers of the future will be more sustainable and efficient.

The multidisciplinary nature and experience of IDOM makes us the perfect partner for the main companies in the fertilizer production sector, to advise and support them in the modernization of the production processes at their facilities.

Martín Guardiola
+ 34 94 479 76 00

PMC 3 Ammonia plants for Société des Fertilisants D´Algérie – FERTIAL

Société des Fertilisants D´Algérie – FERTIAL is a producer of fertilizers and ammonia in Algeria, ownership 66% belongs to Fertiberia and 33% belongs...

Ammonia plant in Puertollano
Syngas compressor train

The Fertiberia ammonia plant in the Puertollano industrial complex (Ciudad Real – Spain) was commissioned in 1970 and renovated in 1989 and 2016...