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The government of Egypt proposed an ambitious program of improvement and conservation of various archaeological sites, which included monument illumination and safety projects.

A respectful and sober lighting design was implemented to enhance the grandeur and spirituality of the pharaonic architecture

The objective was to carry out a respectful and sober lighting design that extolled the two basic aspects of the pharaonic architecture, and the very essence of that unique civilization: its grandiosity and its spirituality.

Functions developed: Conceptual artistic design, Technical development, Construction project, Tender assistance and technical assistance on site.

The artistic lighting of the pharaonic tombs is an exhibition lighting of a work of art: its walls are large “canvases” tens and hundreds of meters long and around 3.5 meters high, carved and painted with magnificent hieroglyphics.

The illumination exhibits the original colors without altering them, by means of the use of LED technology of high color reproduction and zero emissions of UVA and IR, in an effect of continuous lines of flush light that bathes the entire surface, from floor to ceiling, with very high uniformity. They are controlled by DMX protocol (Digital MultipleX), with a three-scene programming that regulates its intensity depending on the time of day.

The design of the artistic lighting completely transforms the perception of the temple, through the play on light and shadow, which seek to move the visitor and improve their experience.

In the field of security, IDOM collaborated in:

  • The improvement of security, in order to prevent terrorist attacks and vandalism activities and theft, by installing modern CCTV systems, perimeter controls (infrared barriers, microwaves, buried cable) and using video analysis.
  • Integrated site management: all security systems rely on an IP network that interconnects the different sites, allowing them to be managed from any control center belonging to the network.
  • Ticketing systems, supported in turn on the IP network, allow controlled access to sites, some of which require very delicate control of environmental conditions and may be affected. For that reason, access is limited by capacity rules.
  • Control of visitors and workers, through the implementation of an access control system with lathes and barcode scanners
  • Control of temperature, humidity and CO2 inside the tombs.

The archaeological sites inlcuded the Pyramids of Gizah, WestBank (Valley of the Kings, Hatchepsut, Ramesseum, Medinah Habou and Carter House) and the Temple of Luxor.

Within this project, IDOM carried out tasks both in the field of project development and in the technical assistance to supplies and installation.

Architecture : Building Physics : Information & security technologies : Lighting :

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The artistic lighting of the pharaonic tombs is an exhibition lighting of artwork
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