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The proposal was conditioned by the inexistence of space for the new station and its access roads in a consolidated urban setting.

The proposal resolves the problem of the lack of space for the development of the new station and its accesses

The new foyer is located above the tracks, looking towards the city over the river and turning into an urban landmark. A projection over the street which protects the taxi stand, solves the connection with the future coach station and car park, constituting an intermodal centre in which there are other uses such as retailing, hotels and restaurants.

The elevated position of the vestibule allows for the dynamic interior flows of a building destined for the interchange of passengers to be seen from the street. A direct visual link is established between the moving trains, the escalators towards the platforms, the lifts that connect with the car park or the vehicles under the foyer, which eases the orientation of the customer.

The proposal incorporated the creation of an elevated public space, as a station access square, towards which all flows are directed and from which the first glimpse of the city would be offered when arriving or the last before departing, thanks to the exceptional views of the expansion district of San Sebastian.

As well as developing the detailed design of the station, all the railway scope of the intervention was defined: rail platform, superstructure, electrification, signalling and communications.

Architecture : Design : Transport

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The proposal incorporates the creation of an elevated public space, as a station access square


Basic Design & Market Study
Preliminary Design

Gonzalo Tello ( gte@idom.com )

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