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The new Central Station is located where the Mediterranean corridor meets the High Speed Madrid-Barcelona-French border line. It’s between the cities of Tarragona and Reus, southwards from the airport.

A impresive volume that rests on the railway platform like a bridge

The project intended to generate a unique and categorical building which, based on the track bed and acting as a bridge, would serve as a hub for all the means of transport that access the station. This idea was reinforced with the creation of a great reference roof, which extends from the platforms to the concourse and the vehicle access area, accompanying the travellers on their way and generating three great welcoming areas: one for the trains, another for travellers and another for vehicles.

The station is considered as a prominent element over the pronounced linearity of the track bed, located on an embankment around 5m high, in a very flat, open rural environment. The roof is built with Warren type flat triangular latticework, which sets the geometrical laws to articulate a roof topography used as a territory landmark.

Apart from the station, Idom developed the railway projects (tracks, overhead power cable, communications, etc.) and the access roads projects.

Architecture : Design : Transport

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