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Bilbao digital transformation strategy


Bilbao 2030 Digital Transformation Agenda

IDOM provides a technical support office service for the development and launch of the Bilbao 2030 Digital Transformation Agenda – Bilbao Hiri Digitala.

The objective of Bilbao City Council is to develop a Digital Transformation Agenda Bilbao 2030 that defines the projects capable of accelerating the digitalization of the city in aspects such as:

  • Respond to new economic and social challenges, promoting new opportunities for urban economy.
  • Apply Urban Innovation models.
  • Build a people-centered city model.
  • Improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and visitors.
  • Guarantee social cohesion and the reduction of inequalities.

BilbaoTIK, in collaboration with IDOM, is focused on providing comprehensive support at all stages, from conception and launch to the execution of various projects. The purpose of this alliance is to facilitate the effective implementation of projects that promote technological advancement and improvement in the quality of life.

IDOM plays a crucial role in this process, which encompasses a series of strategic actions:

  • Comprehensive local and international contextualization of the Strategy. This includes a detailed analysis of trends, reference cities, Bilbao’s public policy framework and the state of digitalization in Bilbao.
  • Conception of the vision and core message of the ATDB2030 throughout its period of duration.
  • Design of the Agenda structure, composed of 5 main missions and a catalyst element. These missions are deployed in a series of Strategic Lines that define the direction.
  • Sessions and meetings to promote the strategic design of the Agenda and the precise delineation of the associated projects.
  • Collaboration with municipal areas in the definition of projects that guarantee the effective implementation of the individual Strategic Lines.
  • Elaboration of a detailed Governance model for the Agenda, with the delimitation of committees and the establishment of fluid relationships between the various actors involved.
  • Creation of a balanced scorecard to monitor the progress of the ATDB, taking into account indicators from various international rankings in the digital field.
  • Thorough development of the budget for the ATDB, ensuring an accurate allocation of resources.
  • Production of the comprehensive strategic plan called Bilbao Digital Transformation Agenda, together with its executive summarized version.

Ultimately, the central objective of this initiative is to forge a comprehensive strategy that encourages the adoption of digital technologies in all sectors of society, in order to achieve a higher level of development and raise the quality of life of the inhabitants of Bilbao.

Competitiveness & Innovation : Digital Innovation

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