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Bristol Arena


Bristol Arena is designed not only as a building but also as an iconic object distinctive of the city of Bristol.

Designed as a distinctive iconic object in the city

The proposal is based on two ideas: water and a theatre curtain. Water was chosen as a metaphor for the relationship between Bristol and nature and its role as 2015 Green European Capital. The theatre curtain idea comes from the will to design the building as a stage, behind which the varied programme elements remain hidden. The flexible design allows for different configurations for the hosting of other types of event, such as fairs, sport events, conferences and, this being its main function, the celebration of concerts for up to 12,000 people. Apart from the areas corresponding to the building’s purpose, it includes a good array of premises destined to intensify the experience of events: a great lobby, shops, cafeterias, box seats and VIP areas, sky-bar, restaurant, etc.

Architecture : Design : Sports & Events

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The Bristol Arena is designed not only as a building, but as a distinctive iconic object in the city of Bristol

Bristol City Council


César Azcárate ( caa@idom.com )

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