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Salburua Civic Centre


The Civic Centre is a non-residential building that combines sporting, cultural and administrative uses for the Salburua neighbourhood in Vitoria. The project conceives the centre as a meeting point for the residents where they can do different social, cultural, fun or sport activities.

A meeting point for different social, cultural, recreational and sports activities

The ground floor transmits the idea of permeability between interior and exterior, thanks to the glass building envelope which favours crossed sight lines. So much in fact, that the views can go through the entire building. The first floor, its programme being of a more private nature, is configured as a less permeable and more abstract object, thus enhancing the contrast between both realities. The program is divided into four levels. The basement harbours the sport courts, gyms, fencing rooms, the dance studio and climbing wall, as well as the building services. The ground floor includes the citizen care areas, the meeting room, the cafeteria, the assembly hall, the fun-club and the stands for the multi-sport area. The first offers shelter to the library, the study room, the workshops and the offices of the social services of the area. Lastly, the swimming pools and changing rooms are on the second floor.

Architecture : Design : Leisure & Culture : Sports & Events

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The project conceives the civic center as a meeting point for the inhabitants where they can carry out different social, cultural, recreational or sports activities

City Hall of Vitoria-Gasteiz

- 2017 -
Finalist - 2017 Architizer A+Awards
- 2016 -
Finalist - 2016 COAVN Awards - Official College of Basque-Navarro Architects
Finalist 2016 – The World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards
Finalist – 2016 World Architecture News (WAN) Civic Buildings Award

Architecture & Engineering Design
Construction Management

Gonzalo Carro

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