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CEIBS Campus. Beijing

People's Republic of China

The new premises of CEIBS, a leading business school in Asia, are located on a plot in the Zhong Guan Cun Science Park, on the outskirts of Beijing. The building is conditioned by its teaching purpose, the planning of the park (which considers the buildings as if islands in the middle of the ocean) and the need to carry out the building works in two stages without the whole being perceived as unfinished when the first one is concluded.

The building has been awarded several international awards

The building has three floors. The first one fully occupies its allowance with public uses, an assembly hall and bar, as well as classrooms. The second one houses more classrooms and study areas. And the third level has areas for teachers and administration. A series of courtyards articulates the relationship between all these uses, transversally, and a triple-height space, which we have nicknamed “The Main Street”, longitudinally. The latter serves as a meeting and exchange area within the building. The choice of colours and materials and the configuration and sequence of spaces is inspired by traditional Chinese architecture.

Architecture : Design : Education : Leisure & Culture

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The building has been awarded several international awards


- 2012 -
Chinese Architects Association
- 2011 -
First Prize - 15th edition of Beijing excellent design
First Prize - IX International Biennial of Architecture of São Paulo

Architecture Project

Iñaki Garai ( igz@idom.com )

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