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CIC Energigune


The CIC Energigune is a pioneering project in Europe destined to enhance the knowledge and development of third generation alternative energies, to promote advanced technological transfer and to favour the competitiveness of Basque companies.

A pioneering project in Europe aimed at boosting the knowledge and development of third generation alternative energy

It has electrochemical laboratories for the research of excellence and ISO6 type white rooms for high sensitivity equipment. It was designed as a set of modular buildings connected to one another by means of a functional and communications axis which acts as the backbone of the centre’s activity. It includes educational uses, offices and several laboratories and high sensitivity white rooms. The generated areas encourage interprofessional relations which favour the exchange of knowledge between researchers in a relaxed atmosphere. The building envelope of the laboratories building is down to a sin-gle system of polished stainless steel sheets, to which an opaque or perforated treatment is applied according to the orientation of the areas to be illuminated and the need for views or ventilation.

Architecture : Corporate : Design

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Ente Vasco de la Energía

- 2007 -
Finalist – 2007 COAVN Awards - Official College of Basque-Navarro Architects

Architecture & Engineering Design
Construction Management

Javier Aja ( aja@idom.com )

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