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Certest Biotec R & D Laboratories


The main activity of the laboratories involves research, devel-opment and manufacturing of diagnostic tests. The proposal is developed over a free plot with a dominant position. It has an area of around 8,000 m2 and it is located in the San Mateo de Gallego estate.

The main activity consists of the research, development and manufacture of diagnostic tests

The building is part of the first phase of a complex which already has erected 2,500 m2. The proposed scheme includes 8 labora-tories, production and administration areas, a main warehouse and common areas. The laboratories are located in the arms of the building facing North so as to avoid direct solar radiation without having to turn to protection systems. This also implies that working areas are very well illuminated and that energy sav-ings during the summer are significant. On the other hand, the South façade houses the circulation areas that grant access to the laboratories. Between them, the lab-annexed service areas are located, which store the special equipment. The proposal is based on two basic ideas: on the outside, the optimization of the growth model and on the inside, the building is designed around the laboratory module. These two criteria organize the whole project, along with the sun potential: land-scape, orientations, natural slopes and entrances.

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The main activity consists of the research, development and manufacture of diagnostic tests

Certest Biotec S.L

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Federico Pardos ( fpardos@idom.com )

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