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Carlos Roberto Huembes Hospital


The Carlos Roberto Huembes Hospital will be located in Zumen’s District 3, in the municipality of Managua, on a 34,558.50m2 plot destined for that purpose. It will have 300 beds and 5 big blocks that will house the different medical areas: the outpatient and clinical assistance block, the accident and emergency block, the hospitalization area, the technical block, the general services and technical premises, all in a built area of about 42,000m2.

Offering healthcare to people with high-risk professions

IDOM has been appointed for the Market Research, the Health Diagnosis, the Functional Medical Plan, the Architectonic Medical Program, the Soil Surveys, the Scheme Design and later Production Information for the structure, building services and masonry, the Replacement and Equipment Project, the hospital’s Organization and Quality Plans and the Final Report.

Architecture : Design : Health

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Asistencia sanitaria para personas con profesiones de alto riesgo

Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI)

Feasibility Study
Structures and Installations. Equipment design
Technical and Economic - Architectural Project

Pablo Elorz ( peg@idom.com )
Rui Maia ( rmaia@idom.com )

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