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Demand, Capacity and Efficiency Study for the Colombian Maritime and Port System


The project analyzes the needs and capacities of the Colombian port system for the next two decades for transshipment, foreign trade and cruise tourism passengers. It examines and forecasts cargo and passenger demand and establishes volume-capacity ratios for each port zone, with the objective of determining priority investments in capacity expansion, as well as recommending public policy actions that will improve the future performance of the Colombian port operation and serve as a basis for updating public policy.

Additionally, through the port and transportation capacity models, the sector’s entities can monitor, update and generate supply and demand scenarios for future decision making.

Ports and Waterborne transport : Strategy & Operations

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La verificación de la proyección de demanda frente a la capacidad disponible permite planificar la infraestructura portuaria necesaria durante el horizonte temporal 

National Planning Department

Analysis of the Regulatory Framework & Contractual Documentation
Cargo & Passenger Forecasts
Diagnosis of Port Demand
Port Capacity Analysis
Port Indicators
Public Policy Recommendations