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Water Mobility Strategy Design & Water Mobility Project Management Office (PMO) for NEOM

Saudi Arabia

IDOM is assisting NEOM’s Mobility Sector in the implementation of its ambitious plan to implement the most innovative and groundbreaking public transport of the moment. Three types of service are provided for the duration of the contract: strategic consulting on aspects of network configuration, demand and governance; specialized technical advice on aspects of port infrastructure, fleet procurement and service provider selection and operations supervision; and, finally, acting on behalf of and representing the Water Mobility team in its responsibilities for the progressive activation of this mode of transport throughout NEOM.

The strategy establishes that a waterborne transportation system shall be provided for 650 km of coastline and multiple island and archipelagic developments, connecting people with a combination of regional and intra-regional access mobility. The transport system will be sustainable, safe, accessible to all users, offering very high quality standards, in addition to state-of-the-art technology in public transport services and special transports designed according to needs.

For more information about the NEOM maritime mobility project developed by IDOM, you can read the following news item

Ports and Waterborne transport

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Definition and Implementation of the Maritime Public Transport System of the Future

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