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Cask Maintenance Facility (TMC) at the Central Spent Fuel Storage Facility (CSFSF)


IDOM has been requested to design and develop engineering services for the Cask Maintenance Facility (Taller de Mantenimiento de Contenedores, TMC) of the Spanish Central Spent Fuel Storage Facility (CSFSF) which will be located in Villar de Cañas (Cuenca). The main tasks carried out within the workshop, are the external and internal maintenance of casks and their internal decontamination after emptying process of the spent nuclear fuel. IDOM has developed the whole basic and detailed engineering of the building and its systems.

The CSFSF project will assess the storage of High Level Waste (HLW), Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) and spent fuel, which are currently stored or scheduled to be stored in Spanish Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs), as well as the storage of other intermediate level and long life and high activity radioactive waste from reprocessing activities and the operation and decommissioning of Spanish NPPs. The complex also includes the functions of research and development related to the final management of such material and associated environmental protection technologies.
As part of the facility, the Container Maintenance Workshop (TMC) is located within the nuclear island, which has as a principal function to execute internal and external decontamination and maintenance of the Waste Storage Containers after their transportation.

IDOM performed the basic and detailed engineering of the Container Maintenance Workshop. In addition, IDOM assisted in the startup works and the licensing of the TMC as well as participating in the procurement of the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control equipment. The nature of the operations determines the necessity of designing spaces and systems around the hot cell of decontamination. Special attention is given in the design of the water networks, the ventilation system and the biological shielding of the different compartments in order to minimise radioactive emissions affecting personnel and radiation leakage risks.

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