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Designing methodologies for calculating port service tariffs


The Ministry of Transportation, through the Office of Economic Regulation, entrusted IDOM with the execution of a study to comply with the formulation of policies and criteria for the setting of tariffs for Port Companies.

Although the tariff policy was under the regime of regulated freedom, it was necessary to evaluate the regulatory framework, analyze the convenience of continuing with the tariffs in US dollars, and establish a calculation methodology in accordance with the operational reality of the ports and with the world logistic trends, to promote competitiveness, identify anti-competitive practices and as a tool for control and surveillance by the competent entities.

The methodologies and system for calculating tariffs for services rendered at maritime port terminals, docks and other port activities, for cargo and passengers, were designed and a port concession model for Colombia was proposed.

Ports and Waterborne transport

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Ministry of Transport of Colombia

Analysis of the Competitive Environment
Evaluation of Tariff Structure
Financial Economic Analysis
Implementation Strategy
Investment Sustainability
Port Concession Models
Port Services
Prioritizing Measures

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