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Design of substations and power lines for the biomass plants of Fort St. James (40 MW) and Merritt (40 MW)


IDOM has designed the necessary overhead lines and substations for the supply of the electric power generated by two biomass plants (40 MW of power each) owned by British Columbia in Canada (the BCHydro network).

At the Fort St. James plant (40 MW), the system consists of:

  • 69 kV AIS maneuvering yard.
  • 69 kV overhead lines on wooden posts.

At the Merritt plant (40 MW), the system is composed of:

  • 138 kV AIS maneuvering yard.
  • 138 kV overhead lines, on 31 wooden or metal posts.

In both cases, the scope of the services provided has included basic engineering, detailed engineering, official projects for legalization, and technical assistance during the procurement phase. At the Merritt plant, IDOM has also provided technical assistance during the construction phase.


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British Columbia

Basic Engineering
Basic Engineering
Detailed Engineering
Legalisation Projects
Technical Assistance during the Construction Phase
Technical Assistance during the Procurement Phase
Technical Assistance during the Procurement Phase