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Diagnosis and Implementation of a Rural Cadastral Information Platform


The project, the diagnosis and implementation of the Rural Cadastral Platform, is part of the “Cadastre, Titleholding and Registration of Rural Lands in Peru” Project, whose general objective is the registration of rural property.

The purpose of the Platform is to allow the Regional Governments (GOREs) to automate the processes related to the Cadastre and registration of rural properties; as well as for the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MINAGRI) to consolidate, supervise and manage the information of the rural cadastre.

Ensuring legal ownership and energizing local economies

In February 2015, the Republic of Peru and the Inter-American Development Bank signed the Loan Agreement No. 3370 / OC-PE, which has among its specific objectives is the development of the Technological Platform to expedite Cadastre, Titling and Registration Services for rural land

The project contemplates, in a first stage, the diagnosis of the current situation of technologies, workflows and current legal information and regulations related to the cadastre, titling and registration processes of the rural properties, Native Communities and Rural Communities. Based on this diagnosis, a technical proposal is developed for the development and implementation of the platform.

The second stage of the Project includes the implementation of the platform, the migration of existing databases and the training of the different users of the system.

During the implementation, the integration of different technologies and the development of applications such as: Spatial Data Infrastructure (IDE) for the Integration and publication of geographic information produced by the GOREs; GIS technologies for spatial analysis and geoprocessing services; Mobile Application for information management in the field; and the integration of a Document Manager for the management of documentary information associated with cadastral data.

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