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Dr. Josep Trueta Hospital


The project was developed as a joint venture between MAP and IDOM. It was for the new hospital of Gerona, and it has 252 hospitalization beds, a surgical block with 18 operating theatres, 48 intensive care beds, an emergency room with capacity for 44 adults and 11 pediatrics patients, 105 surgeries, 57 service points at the day hospital and a nuclear medicine sector.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are fundamental in the project

The hospital is located on a 27,580 m2 plot and will have 100,015 m2 for parking, which will be complemented by another 22,055 m2. It will replace the existing hospital, which was built in 1956.

Due to its location, at the city entrance and near the motorway that comes from France, it becomes a landmark for the city of Gerona. Special attention has been paid to sustainability and energy efficiency in order to significantly reduce the consumption levels of the building services.

Architecture : Design : Health

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Basic Architecture Design (in collaboration with MAP)
Basic Design - Structures and Installations

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