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School of Engineering Building. University of the Basque Country


Located on the Technological Campus of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) in Bilbao, this new building is in-keeping with the remodelling of the University Campus within the “Campus of International Excellence Program”, nominated by the Ministry of Education in 2010 in collaboration with the Université de Bordeaux (France).

The building is part of the remodeling of the University Campus in the “Program of Campus of International Excellence”

Due to the university’s request and to its strategic location within the city, it is intended for this new building, which houses the Mining, Civil and Industrial Technical Engineering Schools, to become an architectonic reference thanks to its image by introducing a modern, quality design in line with the Institution it represents. For this purpose, apart from a very careful volumetric composition which deals with the volume restrictions imposed by the Development Plan, the logo designed by Eduardo Chillida has been included in the façade design, in the perforated steel and golden double skinned one, to be more precise.

Architecture : Design : Education

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The building is part of the "Program of Campus of International Excellence"

University of the Basque Country

Architecture & Engineering Design
Construction Management

César Azcárate ( caa@idom.com )

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