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Technology Centre of the Polytechnic University


Technological Mining, Aeronautical and Industrial Centres, in addition to a General Services Building of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, form the UPM Complex. The project is located in the South Technological Area in the Municipality of Getafe. UPM plans to combine R+D activities and experimental laboratories.

The complex houses R&D+i  facilities linked to industrial technology services and laboratories

The buildings are arranged in a linear fashion along a road that goes around the right side of a round plot.  Within the plot, a sequence of pedestrianised roads combined with green areas links the various uses of the complex as in a university campus.

In all buildings for the Technological Centres and the Central Service Building, the aim is to achieve simplicity of form and modular building systems to reduce costs and time scales. The aim for all the buildings is simplicity of form and modular building systems that will reduce costs and building times.

The buildings consist of certain common functional features based on the UPM’s program of needs: experimental and storage warehouses, laboratories and test areas, offices and common areas.

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The building combines R&D+i  activities and facilities linked to industrial technological services, as well as testing laboratories

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