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Enhancing Efficiency Through Port Community Systems for Trade in the Caribbean region

Guiana | Jamaica | Trinidad and Tobago

The aim of this consultancy was to support the implementation and optimization of the Port Community Systems (PCS) in the countries of Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana. Because of the differences in each country, related to the phases of implementation of a PCS, the scope of the services has been tailored to each individual country.

Thus, IDOM has designed a methodology conceived in three major phases:

  • PCS readiness assessment and impact analysis
  • Port process mapping and general recommendations on the Port Communities
  • Pilots, missions and workshops in the 3 beneficiary countries

Within these three phases, IDOM has carried out the following tasks:

  • Analysis of international good practices for the successful implementation of a PCS
  • Elaboration of the Readiness Assessment Template
  • Research on impact and benefits of a PCS
  • Mapping the core processes of a PCS
  • Examination of PCS integration with other national platforms
  • General recommendations for creating the Port Communities
  • Development of the pilot in the different countries: Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago
  • Missions and regional Workshops

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Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Analysis of PCS implementation international good practices
General recommendations on the Port Communities
PCS core processes mapping
PCS impact and benefits
Pilots development missions and regional workshops