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Feasibility analysis of a 10-million-ton steel complex

Middle East

IDOM works with one of the main steel producers in the Middle East in the commercial, technical and financial evaluation for the construction and operation of a new steel complex of 10 million tons. The project is aimed at the production of high added value steel with an estimated investment of more than 10 billion dollars.

Commercial, technical and financial evaluation for the construction and operation of a new steel complex

In the first place, the optimal capacity of the plant has been determined through a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the supply and demand of steel at local and international level. The analysis has been carried out through the study of the expected behavior of the steel consuming sectors in more than 10 countries, including a wide range of steel products and grades.

Subsequently, an analysis has been carried out to evaluate the technical feasibility of the project, which has ended with the detailed design of the plant and the estimation of investment needs. It should be noted that all the auxiliary transport, energy and consumable production infrastructures, necessary for the success of the project, have been considered.

Finally, a financial and socioeconomic analysis has been developed to determine the profitability of the project for all the agents involved, both from a purely financial perspective and from the point of view of society, including support in identifying and negotiating with potential funders.

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