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Port Community System in Port of Callao


IDOM carried out a Master Plan for the design of the Port Community System for the Port of Callao and their technological components necessary to determine and achieve the implementation of this electronic platform.

The goal of  the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR), together with the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), through the National Port Authority (APN), is to streamline and accelerate the logistics and port processes.

IDOM has designed a PCS based on international standards, which allows processing, recording, sending and receiving the data that have been generated during the port logistics chain processes. The activities carried out has been:

  • Analyze current port processes and redesign them to improve data entry and reduce the need for physical documentation
  • Global benchmarking of PCS
  • Define Value-Added Services for the PCS and identify the main benefits of PCS, both qualitative and quantitative
  • Define the technological model and the PCS business model and prepare an economic-financial analysis to see the feasibility of the PCS project
  • Terms of Reference for contracting the implementation of the PCS
  • Establish a plan for change management during and after the implementation of the PCS

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APN (National Port Authority)
MINCETUR (Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism)

Change Management Plan
Definition of the technological and business model of the PCS and economic-financial analysis
Global benchmarking of PCS
Processes analysis and improvement (“As-Is” and “To-Be”)
Terms of Reference
Value-Added Services definition and PCS benefits identification