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EPC – 6 cogeneration plants – 93.6 MW


IDOM has executed 6 cogeneration projects based on generators, with a total installed capacity of 93.6 MW.

All these facilities have been developed under an Engineering, Supplies and Construction (EPC) Turnkey scheme. The scope of the services provided includes, as a minimum, basic and detail engineering, supply of equipment, construction, assembly, testing and commissioning.


Cogeneration plant for Añarbe in Gipuzkoa – 6 MW

Located in the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) of San Sebastián, this plant will produce electricity to cover the needs of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, as well as the production of hot water for its thermal use in the digestion and dehydration processes of sludge. Likewise, residual heat is used in exhaust fumes from motors for sludge drying.

The plant is equipped with 3 GE JENBACHER (Natural Gas) generators of 1.4MW each and 2 GUASCOR (Biogas) generators of 0.8MW each.


Cogeneration plant for Rofeica Energía, S.A. in Barcelona – 19.5 MW

Configured using 3 motor-generator groups Wartsila 18V32 (fuel oil) of 6.5 MW each, and 1 steam generator without post-combustion, producing 8.4 t/hr of steam reheated at 220 C and 13 bar. The steam transport network has a length of 1.5 km. The power (25 kV) is fed into the FECSA network.


Cogeneration plant for Covisa in Almería – 21 MW

Configured using 2 Wartsila motor-generator groups (fuel oil) of 10.5 MW each.


Trigeneration plant for Silicio Solar in Ciudad Real – 9.6 MW

Located in the Silicon Wafer Manufacturing Plant (also an IDOM EPC project) in Ciudad Real, destined to the production of electrical energy to ensure the electrical supply and cover the thermal energy needs of the manufacturing plant.

The plant consists of 6 natural gas generator of 1.6 MW each, 2 recovery boilers and 3 absorption machines of 2,075 kWth.


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EPC - Engineering Supplies and Construction

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