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EPC – Girasol photovoltaic solar plant for Tussol in Extremadura – 5 MW


The photovoltaic plant known as Girasol (Sunflower), owned by Tussol, covers an area of 180,000 m² in the municipality of Alvarado in Badajoz, Extremadura.

The plant has an installed capacity of 5.04 MWp, with an effective photovoltaic surface area of 41,950 m² and has 50 power plants of 100.8 kWp. Each plant, in turn, is made up of 3 biaxial solar trackers of about 33.6 kWp each. The modules consist of 200W monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and have a unit power of 200 Wp. The installation also has inverters that convert the DC current into AC at each plant and transformers that increase the output voltage of the inverters to the grid voltage. The plant is configured to operate automatically and can be monitored from any location via the internet.

IDOM undertook the plant project under an EPC agreement, including basic and detailed engineering, supply, and its construction and commissioning.


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EPC - Engineering Supplies and Construction

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