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EPC – Photovoltaic pergola “Forum of cultures” in Barcelona – 443 kWp


The photovoltaic pergola of the Forum, one of the most important symbols of the new architecture of Barcelona, is a huge superstructure rising 52 meters above the sea and with a surface area similar to that of a football field, considered a great work of engineering and one of the most emblematic solar power plants in Spain.

Built in 2004, as part of the Forum of Cultures (Fórum de las culturas) project and as an icon of the spirit of sustainability and use of natural resources, this facility has 2,668 photovoltaic panels, which occupy an approximate area of 3,600 m² and with a total installed power of 443 kWp, capable of producing the consumption equivalent to that about 140 families in Barcelona.

Designed by the architects Elías Torres and J.A. Martínez Lapeña, IDOM undertook its construction under as EPC contracting agreement, which included the services of basic and detailed engineering, procurement management and construction.


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City Hall of Barcelona

EPC - Engineering Supplies and Construction

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