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Photovoltaic solar power plant in the Basque Country – 24 MWp


EKIAN is a joint project of the EVE (Basque Energy Agency) and KREAN (Basque engineering and EPC company, part of the Mondragón Corporation), with the aim of launching and operating the photovoltaic park that, at its start-up, is the largest solar energy park in the Basque Country. It is located on a plot of 55 hectares in the ARASUR industrial estate, in the province of Álava.

Generating 40,000 MWh per year, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 15,000 families.

With a global investment of 24 million euros, the EKIAN Park has 67,000 polycrystalline panels of 355 Wp each, mounted on monoaxial solar trackers. The installed power is 24 MW and thus doubles the installed photovoltaic power in the Basque Country.

IDOM carried out the supervision of the construction and commissioning phases, as an independent agent responsible for reporting directly to the Board of Owners.


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Ekian Fotovoltaica AIE

Construction Supervision
Provisional Acceptance Test Supervision

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