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Epsilon Euskadi


Epsilon Euskadi is a Motor Racing Technology Innovation and Research Centre that integrates the design of race cars, the man-agement of racing teams and advanced training.

A wind tunnel, laboratories and clean rooms for the manufacture of carbon fiber bodies

The complex programme, which includes a wind tunnel, different types of laboratories, paint shops, white rooms for manufacturing carbon fibre bodyworks, autoclaves for their curing, mainte-nance workshops, administration offices, classrooms and up to five different types of circulations (manufacturing, maintenance, training, development and visits), is articulated within a building of compact design, meant to provide functional proximity and in-terior transparency in order to facilitate visual communication between the different areas. The use of aerodynamic shapes inspired by the vehicles designed by the client is a constant throughout the building’s design. On the façade, the few windows present are boxes with rounded corners. Surrounding them, there are stainless steel tubes that simulate airflow lines which are used as solar radiation dissipation ele-ments, something which is very important since the stability of the interior temperature is of great importance in many of the processes that are carried out.

Architecture : Corporate : Design

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The complex includes a wind tunnel, laboratories and clean rooms for the manufacture of carbon fiber bodies

Alava Technology Park

Architecture & Engineering Design
Construction Management

Javier Pérez Uribarri ( jpu@idom.com )

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