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Central Corporate Park


Next to one of the main junctions of the motorway network in Biscay, right in the centre of gravity of the metropolitan strip of Bilbao, the Basque government foresaw the location for the Police and Security Services headquarters.

Headquarters of the Police and Security Services of the Basque Government

The terrain is a succession of mild slopes covering 30 Ha, with a wide field of vision in all directions overlooking crops and grasslands. It was to have great areas destined for offices, laboratories, classrooms, ICT centres, workshops, stockrooms, changing rooms, parking facilities and other areas for specific police needs. After an interactive process, an efficient planning was agreed upon. The necessary steps were taken with the administration: two territorial planning figures were modified and another six town planning concepts were written up and passed. This helped to legally develop the definitive proposal.Finally, the projects were prepared and the building work for the 9 buildings that make it up supervised, within the target timeframe and budget set by the client.


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The Basque Government

- 2008 -
Finalist - 2008 FAD Awards
Young Architects of Spain Exhibition
- 2001 -
1st Prize COVAN - Official College of Basque-Navarro Architects
Finalist - 2001 COAVN Awards - Official College of Basque-Navarro Architects
Selected - 2001 FAD Awards
- 2000 -
Selected - VII young architect exhibit - the Antonio Camuñas Foundation

Architecture & Engineering Design
Construction Management

Iñaki Garai ( igz@idom.com )

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