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Digital transformation of the home purchase process

United Arab Emirates

IDOM developed, for the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), through the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, a study to transfer to each of the emirates of the country the good practices in terms of digitization, developed by the emirate of Abu Dhabi in the process of evaluation and granting of aid for the purchase of housing.

Transfer of digitization good practices

IDOM carried out a detailed survey of the improvements implemented by the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority in its grant granting process. Its new policies, organizational structure, processes and systems were reviewed. Special attention was paid to the processes related to the customer experience, identifying their critical points and the improvements applied.

Based on this initial review, IDOM identified pending issues to be resolved in the process and defined a proposal to improve the management models and systems, to be applied in the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority and also in other public entities responsible for the management of the process in the rest of the emirates of the country.

From a technical point of view, a database was defined and implemented to facilitate the compilation of all the information that citizens need for their request to be processed. This database was key to building the rest of the improvements, since it allowed the amount of documentation to be presented by the citizen to be drastically reduce. The steps of the application process were also reduced as well as the registration and processing times.

The development of the project required a high degree of coordination between the entities responsible for housing programs in each emirate and some of the main ministries or public agencies in the country.

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