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Feasibility study of a Port Community System

Middle East | Oman

The main objective of the technical assistance provided by IDOM is to prepare the necessary specifications and designs for the implementation of a Port Community System at the National level in Oman, supporting ASYAD in defining the optimal approach for the development of the project.

The PCS study covered the country’s main ports (Sohar, Salalah, Duqm), major airports (Muscat, Salalah) and special economic zones. Processes related to import, export and transhipment of break bulk, containers, RoRo were analyzed.

The tasks developed during the project were to analyze the current maritime port processes in the ports of Sohar, Salalah and Duqm, the airport processes in the airport of Muscat and the processes related to the Special Economic Zones. Review and proposal of the IT infrastructure and ” To-Be” software architecture of the various stakeholders. Process reengineering and proposal of ” To-Be ” processes. Definition of the services to be developed in the PCS. Elaboration of the economic-financial model and benefit analysis. As well as the business model and feasibility analysis of the implementation of the PCS. And the preparation of the technical specifications for the implementation and operation of the PCS.

Smart Ports : Strategy & Operations

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