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Granada Human Smart City


Granada Human Smart City is an initiative of the National Smart Cities Plan of Spain, co-financed with ERDF Funds. Its main objective is to guarantee universal accessibility to the Albaicín neighbourhood in Granada (UNESCO World Heritage site), regardless of the physical condition, age or place of origin of its visitors, as well as the promotion of and accessibility to cultural heritage, promoting smart and sustainable tourism, using innovative, integrated and efficient information technologies.

Smart and sustainable tourism

To ensure universal accessibility to the Albaicín neighbourhood in Granada, several applications have been developed, such as:

  • A Web and Mobile Application that provides the visitor with a calculation of the optimal route according to their mobility profile. The information includes the topographic profile of the route, accessibility information (stairs, slopes), and types of pavement. In addition, the application allows the user to consult information on mobility such as bus stops, taxis, parking for reduced mobility; and tourist information such as routes and elements of tourist interest.
  • 3D models of elements of tourist interest in the study area, which can be viewed in 3D environments on different devices such as mobile phones, tablets and personal computers. One of these models, the façade of the Renaissance museum has been printed in 3D to allow blind people know the monument through touch.
  • The Smart Spaces Data Infrastructure (IDE) Granada Smart City has also been developed in the framework of the project; Business Intelligence (BI) solution and CRM solution for management, monitoring and exploitation of interactions with target audience.

Smart Cities

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Software Design and Development

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