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Green H2 Generation Plants


Within the framework of the firm commitment, of both public and private entities, to Green Hydrogen as an essential energy vector for decarbonisation, IDOM is developing Pre-feasibility and providing Permit Engineering services (including environmental) associated with Green H2 Generation Plants in Spain, promoted by companies and funds linked to the generation of renewable energy.

IDOM has been working on a varied range of Green H2 Generation Plant types, depending on the origin of the renewable energy, the electrolysis system and the form of distribution of the H2 produced. In summary:

  • Renewable energy: Plants exclusively using electrolysis processes, photovoltaic 400-500 MWp (included in the scope of the services contracted to IDOM), or with power options from existing renewable parks (connection to substation and power line also included in the services contracted).
  • Electrolysis System: with consumption sizes from 10 MWe to scaled solutions of more than 200 MWe, covering both PEM and Alkaline technology.
  • Green H2 distribution: With concepts based on both road transport and injection systems in existing Natural Gas transport networks (in some cases, including a hydro-pipeline to the injection point).


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Juan Carlos Sanz ( jsanzurdiales@idom.com )

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