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Hydrogen Master Plan 2021-2025 in Aragon


Created in 2004 to promote the use of hydrogen as an energy vector, the Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon -hereinafter, the Foundation- is a private non-profit entity promoted by the Government of Aragon. The Foundation is working to organize, promote and carry out the generation, storage and transport of hydrogen and its application in fuel cells that produce energy.

A pioneer in Spain in the use and promotion of hydrogen, the community of Aragon has a 2016-2020 Hydrogen Master Plan. The plan was prepared by IDOM on behalf of the Foundation. It should be noted that IDOM has just finished drafting the new 2021-2025 Master Plan. Its impending publication has been delayed due to the situation caused by COVID-19. IDOM had also drafted the previous 2011-2015 Master Plan, and an Interim Evaluation (Spanish) of the 2016-2020 plan in 2019.

The specialized technical consulting services provided by IDOM to the Foundation for the preparation of the 2021-2025 Master Plan include the following:

  • Definition of the structure of the new Master Plan.
  • Review of the strategic lines of work of the previous Master Plan and establishment of the new lines of work.
  • Organization of a participatory process, which involved 2 days and 5 working roundtables, through online meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the intervention of numerous experts from companies, research organizations and regional entities, national and international, on the following topics:
    1. H2 production
    2. H2 storage, logistics and transportation
    3. H2 applications
    4. Technology transfer, protection and economic impact
    5. Training and awareness
  • Definition of a monitoring system for the Master Plan
  • Drafting of the Master Plan


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Foundation for the development of new H2 technologies in Aragon

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