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Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki


The international ideas competition for the Helsinki Guggenheim Museum is considered, with over 1,700 entries, the one with the highest participation ever.

The proposal took its inspiration from water, trees, light and air

In a first stage, the jury selected 6 Finalist project and awarded 15 Honourable Mentions. The proposal, among the 15 Honourable Mentions, is inspired by water, trees, light and air, natural elements that articulate the exhibition discourse of the building. The Museum is articulated at its base thanks to a great maritime plaza that organizes routes and the access to the different public uses as well as the exhibition areas. These are arranged around a great central atrium, forming neutral boxes which overlap at different levels and allow the woods, the port and the sky to be seen. The layout of the exhibition rooms offers multiple ways around and versatile display schemes around the nearby terraces.

Architecture : Design : Leisure & Culture

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The proposal took its inspiration from water, trees, light and air

Solomon Guggenheim Foundation


Jesús Llamazares Castro

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