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Headquarters of the Science Park of the Basque Country University


The building is located in the Science Park of the UPV, next to the university campus of Leioa, constituting the main link between the University and the world of business.

The building is designed to adapt to different needs

The vocation of uniting both realities is achieved through the transparency of the curtain wall on the ground floor, which allows for crossed sight lines between the campus and the science park, boosting the openness and the communication amongst these two spheres. The ground floor shelters the representative and institutional uses of the Science Park, such as the main reception, the meeting rooms and the multipurpose rooms that can be of service to the university-business ensemble. The upper floors are destined to house both offices and laboratories. The unknown number, type and character of the corporations that will occupy the building is reflected on the façade of the upper floors, which forms an abstract volume capable of harbouring the different foreseen uses.

Architecture : Corporate : Design : Education

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The building is designed to adapt to different needs

Parque Tecnológico S. A.

Architecture & Engineering Design
Construction Management

Gonzalo Carro

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