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Hydroelectric potential of the Coco & Matagalpa river basins


The Government of Nicaragua, a country with great hydroelectric potential, has relied on IDOM for the development of renewable energy. The identification of the
best locations and the design of dams and hydroelectric plants will reduce fossil fuel consumption and, at the same time, achieve a greater penetration of renewable energies in the country’s energy matrix.

The use of hydroelectric resources contributes to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels in emerging economies

After a complete analysis of two of the river basins with the largest capacity, Río Coco and Río Grande de Matagalpa (including the hydraulic modeling of the basins), 21 potential locations for hydroelectric plants were identified (the conceptual design for each was developed). Of these, 8 were studied in-situ in greater detail, a pre-feasibility study was carried out for each one. For the first two of the eight sites, Copalar-113 MW and Mojolka-150 MW, a feasibility study was carried including the basic design and the financial estimate of its execution.

IDOM is currently providing Owner’s Engineering services to PNESER for the construction project of the Copalar and Mojolka hydroelectric plants.

Hydroelectric Power Plants

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PNESER. Ministry of Energy and Mines

Feasibility Study & Final Designs
Initial studies to evaluate the hydroelectric potential
Pre-Feasibility Studies

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