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Industry 4.0 assistance for Spanish companies


The project is part of the strategy of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (MICOTUR) for the promotion of Connected Industry 4.0. The diagnosis of Digital Maturity and Digital Transformation Plan has been prepared for 13 industrial companies in the Autonomous Communities of Galicia, Asturias, Navarra, Aragon, Catalonia and Murcia and culminated with a workshop in Barcelona on digital technologies and success stories.

IDOM has been awarded the First Prize for “Best Consultant for Digital Transformation in Industrial Companies” by MICOTUR from a group of 43 concurrent companies.

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Promoting the development of Industry 4.0 projects in all types of companies and sectors

As an accredited consulting firm, IDOM was responsible for the development of the diagnosis, strategy and action plan for 13 Spanish industrial companies based on its own methodology.

This methodology establishes a series of steps that begin with a meeting to compare and contrast the results of the self-assessment (according to the Ministry’s HADA model), the specific evaluation of the company’s 7 axes (strategy, products/services, customers, operations, suppliers, people and technological management), specific action plans, and even the possibility of micro-implantations within the intervention.

Also included are a series of joint training activities (multi-company) and other specific (in-house) actions on specific aspects of Industry 4.0 such as Big Data, Collaborative Robotics, Cybersecurity, cloud computing or additive manufacturing, among others.

Industry 4.0

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First Prize - Best consultant for Digital Transformation in industrial companies - MICOTUR

Diagnostics - Digital Maturity & Digital Transformation Plan
Workshop on Key Technologies and Success Stories

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