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Integral Vision of the National Infrastructure


The National Bank of Public Works and Services (BANOBRAS) of Mexico is leading an initiative aimed at reinforcing planning for infrastructure in the long-term and continued investment in the short term (2019-2020). To address this unprecedented challenge, and with the aim of increasing the country’s competitiveness, the Deputy General Directorate of Infrastructure Promotion of that institution is counting on the support of IDOM.

A plan to define the infrastructure of the future

Mexico has the National Development Plan (PND) as the leading planning document, from which the different sector plans are developed. Despite having reference cases in infrastructure planning such as the National Infrastructure Program, the National Strategic Road Infrastructure Program (ProNEIC) or the ITS Strategic Plan, there are several areas of opportunity to build upon, among which are: Long-term vision, Intersectoral vision, Homogeneous prioritization criteria, Short, medium and long-term portfolios, Transparency and participation of public, academic and private sectors.

In this context, an exercise was carried out to build a Comprehensive Vision of the National Infrastructure (VIIN) that allows new development opportunities to be created, transversal to all sectors such as water, environment, communications and transport, energy, social and tourism, and that include contributions from public, private and academic fields. The proposal will also define a standard and consistent methodology to carry out the National Infrastructure Strategy (ENI) in the future.

Public Sector

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National Bank of Public Works and Services (BANOBRAS)

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