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The Gare Park


The Gare Park, created in the 80s, is located next to an old railway station. The derelict state it was in and the fact that it was located right in the centre of the city of Passo Fundo, motivated the council to start a project for its urban and landscape revitalization, introducing at the same time some new infrastructures.

A landscape and urban revitalization project

This would be the case of the farmer’s market, which would take over the one which had been running on the plot of the old station, a restaurant with a tourist information point included which would improve the role taken on by a small outdoor bar, a bathing and maintenance area and, lastly, a multipurpose area located on the lowest part of the park, next to the lake, also renovated and blended into the design of the park.

IDOM has developed landscaping, architecture, urbanization and infrastructure projects, covering an area of almost 10 ha.

The project involves the entire landscape and urban revitalization. The design maintains some historical and natural aspects, while giving the park a new character. This is reflected in the urban integration design, differentiating between the interior and exterior of the park. On the outside, native stone is used, creating a continuity with the adjacent streets and the public space of Passo Fundo. In the interior, on the contrary, concrete and wood are used, differentiating between living areas and areas for contemplation.

Maintaining the large number existing trees, new native specimens have been planted in certain areas in order to generate wooded areas and differentiate them from open areas. In other places, small paths of low trees are created to reduce shade and increase the oxygenation of the waters or sets of colorful trees are placed to add a chromatic distinction that contrasts with the predominant green.

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