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Metro Riel


In order to improve the quality of the public transport service in Guatemala City and substantially reduce travel times for its citizens, the Government of Guatemala will implement a new urban passenger rail system. Stretching 21 km and with 20 stations, the service will cross the capital along its north-south axis.

In coordination with the Municipality of Guatemala, IDOM has been supporting the team responsible for the project from PRONACOM, ANADIE and FEGUA, to make the development of Metro Riel feasible. This is a light rail system which will be complementary to the existing transport systems in the Metropolitan Area of the capital.

Metro Rail can transport over 250,000 passengers a day

The Metropolitan Area of Guatemala City is at a turning point in the management of its day-to-day mobility. Taking advantage of the old alignment of the rail line between the Atlantic and the Pacific, a public transport system will be developed to help alleviate the serious problem of congestion.

In order to get the most out of the possibilities of the corridor, IDOM has proposed an ideal technical solution that involves the creation of a light rail metro at ground level. 250,000 passengers will be carried each day along 21 km, stopping at 20 stations, and linking with the main public transportation centres in the north and south of the Metropolitan Area.

This line adapts to the urban environment through which it runs, either on a dedicated platform with overpasses, or on a tram type lane shared with other modes of transport (including traffic lights and right of way at intersections).

A rail system using low-floor rolling stock has been designed. It will have capacity for up to 440 passengers and the possibility of operating with multiple units. At peak times, the service will be every three minutes, and will have a maximum speed of 27 km/h (commercial operation).

The project also includes road connections to reduce congestion in the entrances to the city, specifically the construction of two new bridges over las quebradas de El Frutal and Las Vacas. In addition, marshalling yards and workshops have been included, with future capacity for 47 units and dissuasive parking.

For the public entities ANADIE, PRONACOM, FEGUA and the Municipality of Guatemala, IDOM has prepared the Feasibility Study, with the technical, economic, financial, environmental and legal support information necessary for the international tender for the Design, Construction and Operation of the transport system under a Public Private Partnership.

Urban Light Transport

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Feasibility study

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