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Tramways in Copenhagen and Odense


IDOM is designing efficient and safe tram / LRT networks in Denmark, a pioneering country in public transport. Both light urban transport systems will increase the accessibility of Greater Copenhagen and the City of Odense, creating value and increasing attractiveness for private investment and urban development while improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Projects in the main Danish cities

Greater Copenhagen Light Rail (Hovedstadens Letbane, Line L and Line VBG Copenhagen), with 28 km of double track and 29 stations, running from Lyngby to Ishøj, will allow easy access to the Technical University of Denmark, Herlev and Glostrup hospitals, and other work, leisure and cultural and sports centres. 29 vehicles (2.65 m wide and 35 m long) will provide service at a frequency of 5 minutes. The total investment will be 6.2 billion Danish kroner in 2017-prices including correction reserve.

Odense Letbane is configured as a 14-km line that will connect the city – Tarup in the north to Hjallese in the south – allowing Odense to expand and grow. The architecture of the 26 stations along the line, the depots and workshops has been developed by the team from IDOM.

Both projects have been developed entirely with BIM, combining operations and efficiency in the design of the facilities, the urban insertion, the architectural value of the buildings, to a level where they are key elements in the identity of the lines.

Urban Light Transport

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Projects in the main Danish cities

Preliminary Design & Detailed Design

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