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New offices of the Vitoria city council


The San Martin Municipal Offices building arises as a consequence of the concentration of the different social and technical departments, previously scattered around the city. Such an intervention allowed for the efficient centralization of the diverse services offered to the public.

A building that effectively centralizes the various public attention services of the Vitoria City Council

The building adopts the dynamic and curved shape of the city’s old quarters, showing on its white façade recollections of the architecture of the bay windows of Vitoria by using countless vertical perforated metal sheets. The more public citizen-care uses are located on the ground and first floors, around a great hall area that surrounds the great waiting room. The upper floors house the different municipal departments, following a longitudinal scheme that allows for all workstations to have natural light. The basement harbours the archive, a DPC, the building services and a car park for 75 vehicles. Annexed to the main body and configuring the entrance to the building, a smaller volume is located which includes an assembly hall for 200 people and several training rooms.

Architecture : Corporate : Design

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A building that effectively centralizes the various public services of the City of Vitoria


Architecture & Engineering Design
Construction Management

César Azcárate ( caa@idom.com )
Jesús Armendáriz

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