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IT and telecommunication services center


The idea of the project was based on creating a new “way of working” in the offices of the IT and telecommunication services of the Government of Catalonia (CTTI). This new scenario will represent a new insight in the habits of office work, transforming the CTTI in an excellent benchmark for the ICT service provider.

The creation of a new office concept

The solution was established to create a “new concept of offices” with the following objectives:

  1. Creating “new work dynamics”: Concept based on creating a place where users can make use of a knowledge exchange in a collaborative environment.
  2.  Promoting communication: This space is the meeting point for those Public Administration´s “cooperative works”, becoming itself in an advanced scenario where the “reciprocal knowledge” is actively promoted.
  3. Establishing a new corporate identity: This new “working scenario” has been created with a highly technical design & innovation, showing a strong image and represented by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The project includes 3 underground floors (2 parking + 1 multipurpose space) + basement dedicated to offices and management area.


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Generalitat de Catalunya
Telecommunications and Information Technology Center

Architecture & Engineering Design
Construction Management

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