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Port Community System in Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

The competitiveness of foreign trade is vitally important for Abu Dhabi, given the Emirate’s strategy to diversify the economic beyond oil. Therefore, Abu Dhabi Ports has developed the Maqta Gateway Port Community System. IDOM has collaborated in the design and implementation of this platform.

Developing global, integrated and digital trade

IDOM has assisted Abu Dhabi Ports in defining Maqta Gateway, establishing a digital services roadmap, developing and putting them into operation. In addition, the firm has participated in the technical and functional designs of the services and applications of the platform, as well as the management of the development team.

The Maqta Gateway Port Community System is designed to be mobile and is based on the Port Community systems. Maqta Gateway acts as a one-stop-shop to automate procedures and facilitate information flows between the port actors: port terminals, Abu Dhabi Customs, Maritime Captaincy, shipping lines, freight forwarders, the Health Control Authority, railway operators, operators air cargo, etc.



Smart Ports

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Abu Dhabi Ports Company

Definition of data exchanges formats and integration interfaces between MG and IT systems from other stakeholders
Definition of MG Services and development of the requirements of the Services
Definition of the PCS Operator development Service roadmap and Strategic planning
Functional and technical design
Process analysis and improvement (“As-Is” and “To-Be”)
Supervision of the IT development of the platform UAT and piloting

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