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San Lorenzo de Almagro Stadium


The new football stadium for San Lorenzo, with a capacity of 45,000 seated spectators, is born of urban, social and cultural understanding in order to meet the needs of the Club, the fans and the neighbourhood.

The new stadium will breathe tradition and memory. The open and transparent design recalls the old gasometer, while elements of local pride, icons, notable figures and historic moments, represented, for example, by the murals of the Boedo art group, will be integrated into the squares and new public spaces created.

Respecting the urban scale, the buildings housing other uses have as their main mission to provide cultural and educational spaces to the neighbourhood to give it activity 365 days a year. The new CASLA (Club San Lorenzo de Almagro) stadium in Boedo will not be a building, it will be part of the neighbourhood.

The proposal has 12,000 m2 of free and green public space that will be incorporated into the city. It includes three large public squares with green and soft spaces to alleviate the need for new green public spaces in Boedo. The project dilutes the facades of the stadium, allowing the circulation spaces to open up and become part of the urban fabric of Boedo.

Architecture : Design : Sports & Events

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It is born of urban, social and cultural understanding

Club San Lorenzo de Almagro

Architecture & Engineering Design
Construction Management

César Azcárate ( caa@idom.com )

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