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Sport City in Xativa


The unifying element is a Great Red Curved Roof that shelters the sports that need to be covered, embrace those who are outdoors, and integrates and surrounded by recreational areas, leisure spaces, and attractive landscaped gardens.

Located on the outskirts and with an area of more than 13 hectares, the Project comprises two new football fields for 11-a-side and for 7-a-side, two indoor football pitches, two multipurpose covered courts, tennis courts, beach volleyball, paddle courts (indoor & outdoor), basketball and minibasketball courts, french boules, skating areas, pitch and putt, pools, Basque ball game (frontón), three playgrounds, athletics track ( eight streets) and a jogging path of two kilometers.

Architecture : Design : Sports & Events

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The big red roof

Xativa City Council

Architecture Project
Construction Management

María Ángeles Sánchez Ortega ( mangeles.sanchez@idom.com )

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