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Seismic Ring for the Fire Protection System of Ascó NPP


The project involves the development of the engineering design for the implementation of a new seismic fire protection system which will feed the safety-related buildings of Ascó NPP. This Design Modification Package (DMP) is necessary due to the release of a new version of the instruction IS-30 regarding fire protection. It includes the engineering review and posterior delivery of the DMPs of the conventional pumping station covering the pumping house and seismic ring.

For the completion of the project, IDOM has followed the methodology which commences with the review of the existing information based on documentary evidence and on site walkdowns. A report has been produced providing the best solution regarding economical, technical and operational/maintenance aspects.

Once the initial phase is finalized, the design modifications are carried out by means of the elaboration of the DMPs and development of the specifications for equipment supply and maintenance as well as the operation manual. Among the design modifications, a new seismic pumping station, a new seismic extinction system and conventional extinction system are incorporated into the plant. After the completion of project, IDOM was contracted to carry out the Works Supervision of the aforementioned design modifications. Since the project is safety-related and thus, the high requirements regarding quality assurance are of paramount importance, a team of professionals was formed who are trained in Nuclear Quality Assurance that satisfies the fulfilment of the most rigorous technical requirements.

Operation & Maintenance

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