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Solar photovoltaic power plants in California, 2×2 MW


DOM has carried out the detailed engineering of 2 solar photovoltaic power plants of 2 MW each, located in the cities of Palmdale (Los Angeles) and Twenty Nine Palms (San Bernardino) in the state of California.

The plants have an effective photovoltaic surface of 15,500 m² and 16,500 m² (with 9,800 multicrystalline panels on one-axis trackers) and will be connected to the public network of Southern California Edison at 12 kV and 25 kV respectively. 4 500 kW SMA inverters will convert DC power to AC in each plant and the 4-stage transformers will adapt the output voltage of the inverters to the voltage of the public grid.

Additionally, IDOM has developed the basic engineering for the tender proposal presented by GES USA in the contracting processes for two photovoltaic solar plants, one in the state of Nevada and another in the city of Austin, with a power of 34, 2 MW and 34 MW, respectively.


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Detailed Engineering

  • Detailed Engineering_2x2MW Solar PV PP in California_GES USA_IDOM